ONE299 Adjustable Frame

Over recent years, the profile of the warfighter has changed to include a larger contingent of female service women, as well as a broader size demographic of personnel 

In response to this evolution the ONE299 frame was developed – an adjustable backpack frame that accommodates the smallest 1 percentile user to the largest 99 percentile – and everyone in between by using five easily adjustable configurations.

The frame is rigid in areas to provide a strong platform for large loads whilst designed to allow torsional movements in areas increasing comfort on long marches. The patented lumbar area provides increased stand-off, weight distribution and integrates with Body Armour Systems allowing ballistic plates on the rear carrier to fit into the frame, bringing the modern soldier closer to a truly integrated combat system.


  • Provides 115 mm of vertical adjustability (413 to 528 mm total height)
  • 5 size configurations
  • Accommodates the 1 st to 99 th percentile user
  • Total weight of 860 grams/ 1.9lb
  • Secure release system
  • Multiple pack mounting slots on frame to ingrate with COTS/ MOTS solutions
  • Patented Lumbar Support for increased comfort and standoff.
  • Integrates with plate carrier allowing back pack to fit within the standoff cavity
  • Moulded polymer construction for strength
  • Environmental stabilises


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